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    When I hugged my grandmother at the airport, one small suitcase in hand, with some t- shirts and a few pairs of jeans, I thought it was just a holiday, a month, and then back home. I was 16 at the time. Few years later, I came back to Prague. By then, Communism was gone and I was an American citizen. The memory of the magical city where I grew up never left me, neither in New York city, not later in Los Angeles.
    Prague - my ancient, mysterious town with winding cobble stone streets and beautiful bridges resonates with me to this day. It was this visual feast that I missed so much. I searched for this perfection elsewhere and discovered it in people. The glimpse of the soul, the hidden beauty. It’s not a cold process. It’s a love story. Each time, I almost fall in love with what I see in the person that I photograph. No matter the sex, the age, the notoriety, the social position or the money. My camera helps to translate this vision from one language to another. The fact that I grew up on movie sets, and later my studies as a filmmaker, screenwriter and actress, were all part of this process.
    Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I catch myself crossing the Golden Gate Bridge or a street in Hollywood on my way to work at one of the big studios. A dream come true for a teenager that landed in America to find freedom, with a small suitcase and a brave mother.



    April 2015 -- MOPLA (Month of Photography in LA) kicked off with showing the works of one photographer - Isabella Vosmikova, along with five cinematographers - Vilmos Zsigmond, Peter Rodger, Phil Parmet, Jacek Laskus and Ed Lachmanand - in a group show called Concept to Reality at the Loft at Liz’s. See some of the images here --


    March 2015 -- f16, New Photographic Visions group show at Los Angeles Center of Photography in Hollywood, CA -- an artistic journey of visual disorder, encompassing the diverse work of sixteen Los Angeles-based photographers.

    In her project Terra Firma, Isabella Vosmikova explores the process of Hollywood actors preparing for their roles, as they try on their costume for the very first time and connect with the inner life of their character. Inspired by Renaissance paintings, and, in particular, the portraits of Titian in which he expresses the psychological dimension of his subjects, she uses the severe limitation of hues to reflect the melancholic, yet hopeful mood that mirrors her longing for the past. It also reflects her memory of Eastern Europe from where she originates.



    Behind the scenes photos of the show that redefined action adventure for an insider's look at cast, crew, unscripted moments, and amazing stunts and effects captured by Photographer Isabella Vosmikova and her 24 filmmaking colleagues.

    The photos featured on this website in the 24: BEHIND THE SCENES section are only those taken by photographer Isabella Vosmikova.

    Over sixty behind the scenes photos from the making of the motion picture Godzilla focused solely on the old fashioned creation of special effects were captured by photographer Isabella Vosmikova and published in this book. Her photos offer a glimpse inside the visual effects creative process - the combination of technology, spectacular miniatures of New York city juxtaposed with hard working crew, breathtaking explosions of miniature Madison Square garden, special effect rainstorms on the backlot of Universal studio, a man in the Godzilla suit, a gigantic mechanical creature and other glimpses of hard work that went into the making of the motion picture Godzilla just before the dawn of digital technology that now has replaced these old fashioned technologies.

  • TASCHEN's Favorite TV Shows
    Featuring photos from the top shows of the last 25 years. Alongside a wealth of stills, this overview of the TV revolution presents the most important and successful series of recent years, from David Lynch’s groundbreaking masterpiece Twin Peaks to current highlights like Game of Thrones, Girls and House of Cards.

    by David Dayan Fisher (Author), Isabella Vosmikova (Photographer)

    'The Gift' is a gift for anyone and everyone who feels that they aren't getting the most out of life. It isn't some long, drawn out affair with a four week step-by-step process. Mr. Fishers no-nonsense approach is full of small, insightful ideas that the average person can do to change their life for the better. Must read!


    Ryan Phillippe and Omar Epps from the filming of "The Shooter"
    Credit: Isabella Vosmikova

    Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies during the filming of "Colony"
    Credit: Isabella Vosmikova

    Josh Holloway in "The Colony"
    Credit Isabella Vosmikova

    Chloe Sevigny, Keegan Holst, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jeanne Tripplehorn in “Big Love.” Credit Isabella Vosmikova /HBO